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With photo - French bees produce blue and green honey

Translat by Ahmed Mohamed Aly
Honey Bee Breeders surprised in village Rabivel, in the province of Alsace in northern France that the new product honey color's  blue and green, and did not find any explanation or justification is suitable for this abnormal phenomenon

And after research and investigation this proved to be back to feed the bees found in the region on the organic waste gas and a subsidiary of Mars Inc., which produces candy M & M's famous red and blue colors, brown and yellow
And, of course wounded producers this honey of this honey colored will be his fate penalty because it is not valid for sale and human consumption, causing crises considerable material for producers and traders bees and who suffer primarily from a deficit and a huge lack in production volume due to the death of large numbers of bees.
And Mars Inc. is now trying to overcome this problem and to compensate producers also combed and clean the area of organic waste gas, which was the main cause of the problem in the foundation.
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If You like It Share it

If You like It Share it